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We Are What We Are (2013) Film Review | 365 Day Film Challenge- Day 5

We Are What We Are is an unusual little film that had major potential, but ultimately fell short. I won’t delve into specifics, because this film is very easy to spoil. What I can mention is the story revolves around an eccentric family who find themselves in dire straits after the mother passes away.

The pacing of this film is very slow, and will definitely not be everybody’s cup of tea. This is a slow-burning film that teases at what’s hiding under the gloomy exterior of the family’s way of life. The film does pick up towards the end, and it’s extremely satisfying. I just wish the rest of the movie had been as compelling as the last thirty minutes.

The acting is solid, and I genuinely got the creeps watching this family on screen. You can just sense that there’s something not quite right about them, and it picks at you until you finally figure out what the hell is happening.

We Are What We Are is beautifully shot, and the gloomy, dreary locale fits the narrative perfectly. Overall, this is a decent film that had so much potential to be great, but didn’t live up to those standards.

Verdict: 3/5

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