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Cats Empire Clambering to iOS and Android Soon!

Spil Games just announced that they’re releasing a cat strategy game called Cats Empire on iOS and Android November 17. HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE. A cat strategy game?! I’m already sold!!

If you’re not a crazy cat lady like myself and need some more info, you’ll be controlling a group of mischievous kitties as you raid other groups of adorable evil cats and steal their fish. You’ll be able to upgrade your furry friends so you can become a master thief, and you’ll also have the ability to cross breed cats to produce awesome new breeds for ultimate world domination (well, Whiskertown domination). You’ll have to have the best cat army around,though, because you’ll face difficult bosses and quests in your journey to conquer Whiskertown.

Be sure to follow the game on Facebook and Instagram and visit the official site for more details and updates.

*Image and trailer courtesy of Spil Games

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