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J!NX Releases New Halo Designer Series Figures

Are you a Halo fan? Then you’ll definitely want to check out the new line of 6″ vinyl figures from J!NX! You can choose between the iconic Master Chief, or if the Chief isn’t your jam/you don’t want him to be lonely, Jameson Locke. There are also two different variations of each figure.



The standard Chief is garbed in his classic Mjolnir armor and comes with an assault rifle, while the variant figure’s armor features battle damage and attachments for an M6H handgun and the classic Covenant Energy Sword. Meanwhile, Locke’s standard figure is sheathed in his usual grey Hunter Gen2 armor and comes with a BR85 rifle. Locke’s variant figure features black Gen2 armor and comes with a Covenant Needler.



You can purchase the standard figures at Best Buy, while the variant figures are a GameStop exclusive. Each figure only costs $24.99, so snatch them up ASAP.

Be sure to follow J!NX on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and visit the official site for more info and even more cool stuff you’ll want to get your paws on.

One thought on “J!NX Releases New Halo Designer Series Figures

  1. They look amazing! Halo fan since the first until the 4th… its probably a controversial opinion to have but 4’s story didn’t match up to 3’s, lets not even mention ODST. These are cool though, as a Halo fan I would buy ^^


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