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Jeruzalem (2015) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 95

I went into this film wary. I had heard nothing but negative reviews, but I was intrigued by the plot. I’m so glad I gave this film a chance. Is it perfect? No, but it’s fun and entertaining.

Jeruzalem follows Sarah (Danielle Jadelyn) and Rachel (Yael Grobglas), two American women who travel to Jerusalem for a fun vacation. Little do they know that beneath the fun hookups and sun-drenched atmosphere, a sinister biblical event is about to occur.

This film is incredibly unique in the way that is was shot. The film was shot with Google Glass (remember that piece of tech?), and it really helps immerse you in the film and sympathize with the characters. The majority of the film is seen through Sarah’s perspective, and it’s cool to see Skype notifications pop up on screen or music suddenly start playing. It also gives the film a claustrophobic feel.

The performances are pretty good. They’re not Oscar worthy or anything, but the chemistry between characters is believable and they seem like regular people you’d run into at the grocery store. Yael Grobglas is the best out of the bunch, though. She makes Rachel seem like she could be your own best friend, and brings emotion to the film.

A weakness of the film is the creature design. It’s pretty bad, and you’ve probably seen similar designs on the Syfy channel. It’s not particularly scary, either, besides a few obligatory jump scares. The story itself is also pretty weak, at least for the first half of the film. Things pick up during the second half, and if you can stick out the less interesting first half, you’re in for a fun treat. The ending is pretty predictable, though.

If you’re looking for a fun horror film with a unique spin, give Jeruzalem a shot. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s entertaining.

Verdict: 3/5

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