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Labyrinth (1986) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 93

 Labyrinth is the story of a teenage girl named Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), who one night wishes that goblins would come and take her baby brother Toby away. Little does she know that goblins exist, and that the Goblin King, Jareth (David Bowie), has Toby in his grasp. She has thirteen hours to solve the labyrinth and save Toby… or he’ll become a goblin.

David Bowie is electric as Jareth. Both menacing and beautiful, he brings so many different layers and facets to the role and steals every scene he’s in. Jennifer Connelly, on the other hand, annoyed me. She overacted during pretty much the entire film, and came off as whiny.

The effects still hold up today, and Jim Henson’s puppetry is a true work of art. I forgot that these were puppets on screen; they were their own individual characters, with different motives and personalities.

I adored Labyrinth, for the most part. David Bowie was a vision as Jareth, and the landscape of the film is gorgeous. The effects and puppetry are marvelous, and the story is original. My biggest issue is with Jennifer Connelly’s performance.

Verdict: 4/5

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