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Ip Man (2008) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 88

WHY HAVE I NOT WATCHED THIS SOONER?! This is one of the best martial arts film I’ve ever seen. Ip Man is the story of Master Ip,a master of kung fu who lives a wealthy, happy life with his family. The Japanese invasion of 1937 forces his family into poverty and homelessness, though, and he must work to provide for his family. He agrees to train others in the art of Wing Chun after seeing the horrible acts that the Japanese soldiers have been inflicting on his fellow workers.

Donnie Yen is a total badass. He’s both warm and fierce, vulnerable and powerful. He perfectly encapsulates Master Ip. His fellow actors also add to the story, and make this film much more than just a martial arts movie.

The film is gorgeous. Whether it’s depicting the bright, sunny, and colorful days before the Japanese invaded or of the bleak days full of darkness and soot covering every inch of the land, Ip Man is a visual treat.

You can’t watch Ip Man without talking about the martial arts. They’re INCREDIBLE. Brutal, bloody, quick, and amazing, I’ve never seen the art of Wing Chun performed more balletically. Some viewers may flinch at the blood and violence, but it’s an integral part of the story.

   Ip Man is essential viewing, even if you’re not a martial arts aficionado. Donnie Yen is captivating as Master Ip, and the story is strong and has an emotional backbone. The scenes featuring Wing Chun are balletic and fascinating, and Ip Man shouldn’t be underestimated.

 Verdict: 4.5/5

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