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No Country for Old Men (2007) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 83

No Country for Old Men is directed by the Coen Brothers and stars Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh, Josh Brolin as Llewelyn Moss, and Tommy Lee Jones as Ed Tom Bell. One day Llewelyn Moss discovers two million dollars in cold, hard cash amidst the dead bodies of drug runners who ended up killing each other over the cash. Moss takes the cash for himself. Finder keepers, right? WRONG. This tips off Anton Chigurh, who tracks down Moss and isn’t afraid to kill anyone in his way.

The acting is superb. Bardem is cold and brutal as Chigurh, and Brolin makes Moss both unlikable and relatable. Tommy Lee Jones is fantastic as the cop who is trying to pin down Chigurh, and supporting turns from Woody Harrelson and Kelly Macdonald add to the already strong cast and provide extra context.

This is an extremely brutal, slow-burning revenge thriller. Some viewers may not have the attention span for this film, and I admit I started to get bored at points. Luckily, the film always grabbed me right at these moments and yanked me back into the thrilling cat and mouse chase.

No Country for Old Men is bleakly beautiful. Every shot is perfectly framed, and you can practically smell the rust of blood in the air and feel the dust settle on your skin.

I personally adored this film, and loved the amazing performances. This is an extremely thrilling, brutal movie, and even though it’s a slow-burner, it still captivates.

Verdict: 4/5

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