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We Finally Have A Trailer for Passengers… and It Defies Expectations

 Passengers has been one of my most-anticipated films of 2016 ever since I heard the news that the script had been picked up by Sony Pictures and that they had cast Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as the leads. What sweetened the deal further? Morten Tyldum was handed the reins as director, and I absolutely ADORED his previous film, The Imitation Game. Science fiction plus two hot, talented actors with a gifted director as the cherry on top? Perfection.

I’ve been aching for any snippets of info about the story for ages now, and finally, Sony released the official trailer. My jaw was on the floor and goosebumps prickled my flesh. We learn that the story revolves around two individuals (Pratt and Lawrence) who awaken from a cryonic sleep aboard the Avalon, a space ship. The problem? They woke up too early… NINE YEARS, too early. Was it an accident, or is something sinister happening?

The film looks gorgeous, and seeing Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, and Andy Garcia in the trailer as androids has my geeky little heart satisfied and excited. I can’t wait for December 21.

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*Images and trailer courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

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