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I Need Gears of War 4 in My Life NOW, Basically

The Gears of War 4 launch trailer has successfully pumped me up for the latest installment in the mega-successful franchise. In this entry, you play as JD Fenix,the son of the previous entries protagonist. Things have been peaceful for a while, but the shit has hit the fan again and JD, along with his friends Kait and Del, must fight off the new terrors that haunt the world while also rescuing and avenging their loved ones.

The Coalition’s take on the series looks AMAZING, with stunning graphics, gruesome kills, and an intriguing story and characters. I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty soon and rev up the classic Lancer (does anything feel as good as chainsawing an enemy in half with your gun?).

 Gears of War 4 launches October 11 on Xbox One and PC. If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition though, you get to play four days early (lucky bastards).

Follow the game on Twitter and  Facebook and visit the official site for more info and updates.

*Image and trailer courtesy of The Coalition and Microsoft

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