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Exciting Outlander Season 3 News! Young Ian Murray and Joe Abernathy Cast!!

This news has my little Sassenach heart skipping a beat with excitement (and it’s not just my tachycardia, I swear). “Young” Ian Murray, one of Jenny Fraser and Ian Murray’s sons (and Jamie’s favorite nephew) will be played by John Bell (The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies). If you’re a fan of the Outlander novels, you know how integral Ian is to the story and how important (and endearing) his character becomes.

Joe Abernathy, a friend (and fellow doctor) of Claire’s in Boston once she has returned after the end of the second novel/season, will be played by Wil Johnson (The Five). Joe is an inspiration to Claire, and helps her as she tries to adjust to life with a daughter and without Jamie.

Droughtlander is killing me, ye ken? I’ll just watch the previous two seasons over again and read the novels (and drool over all of my Jamie Fraser merch) until Season 3 debuts…

*Image courtesy of Starz

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