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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 78

 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping flopped majorly at the box office, and it’s a crying shame. This is a genuinely funny film that deserves so much more love than it has received.

Filmed in a mockumentary style, Popstar follows Conner4Real (Andy Samberg), a popular musician who got his start in the hit boy band Style Boys (Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone), and then broke off to do his own thing. His first album was a major hit, and his upcoming album is the most anticipated in the country. Until he releases a controversial single and his music causes a global blackout. He quickly loses his star status and must deal with the very real reality of checking his ego at the door and learning what really matters in life.

The acting was fantastic across the board. The Lonely Island guys were funny as hell, and the oodles of celebrity cameos were brilliant, often (lovingly) roasting the celebs themselves.

I loved the mockumentary style, and felt like it gave the film a unique edge. I did feel like the film was a little too long, though (and this film is shorter than 90 minutes). A little padding could have been cut to make a leaner, more compelling film.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping had me laughing during the majority of the runtime (which is a very difficult achievement) and had amazing performances. The celeb cameos were brilliant, and the style of the film was on point. I also loved the story of Conner and his rise and fall in the industry. The film could have cut out some padding, but if you’re looking for a sharp satire of Hollywood, watch Popstar and give it the love it deserves.

Verdict: 4/5

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