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Kung Fury (2015) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge- Day 77

 Kung Fury is bizarre, badass, hilarious, and most importantly, FUN. Directed by and starring David Sandberg as the titular Kung Fury, this is a wild ride that never lets up during its short run time.

It’s 1985, and Kung Fury decides he needs to go back in time to kill Hitler. Did I mention Kung Fury is the toughest cop in Miami and gained incredible martial arts skills when he was struck by lightning? Adventure ensues, and the loving homages to the 80’s were fantastic.

I adored Sandberg as Kung Fury. He was sexy, tough, and deadpan, and had killer one liners. Jorma Taccone as Hitler was hilarious, and supporting roles from Triceracop, Thor, Barbarianna, Hackerman,and David Hasselhoff (kinda) were incredibly fun.

This is a neon-drenched love letter to the ’80s, and an exhilarating experience. I highly recommend you watch Kung Fury. It’s bizarre but incredible, and guaranteed to equally blow your mind and make you wonder “WTF?!”.

Verdict: 5/5

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