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New Trailers For FX/Marvel’s ‘Legion’ Emerge, Astound, and Make Me Wonder WTF?!

Two brand-new trailers for FX’s and Marvel’s TV collab Legion dropped today, and they managed to both intrigue and confuse the hell out of me.

The first trailer, “Switch”, gives us a little bit of backstory into Daniel Haller (the freaking gorgeous Dan Stevens). After kissing a gorgeous girl, it appears that he swapped bodies with her temporarily. It then cuts to him being evaluated at a mental institution. Did I mention that he’s a diagnosed schizophrenic? Also, that he’s Charles Xavier’s son and may have (probably has) super powers?

The second trailer, titled “WTF”, sees Daniel and his best pal Lenny (played by Aubrey Plaza) staring at a drooling man… and that’s it.

Color me intrigued! I can’t wait to drool over Dan Stevens and learn more about Daniel Haller in early 2017.

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*Images and trailers courtesy of FX Productions and Marvel

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