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Holy Tobias Menzies! Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer is Incredible!

I’m a HUGE fan of the Underworld franchise (even though Awakening was admittedly weak), and the trailer for Blood Wars had me shrieking with delight (seriously, I screamed). TOBIAS FREAKING MENZIES is the new villain Marius!! I’m dead… Ok, I’m back, I’m just super pumped to see Captain Black Jack/Frank Randall/Edmure Tully in an Underworld film as a baddie. Also joining the cast as Selene’s allies are Theo James (swoon!) and the always fun Charles Dance. They must stop the Vampire/Lycan war that is currently being waged, no matter the cost.

The trailer looks badass and if you’re a fan of the Underworld movies, this should make your blood sing with excitement. It’s also being helmed by a new director, Anna Foerster, so hopefully she’ll bring a fresh injection to the series.

I can’t wait for January 6, 2017. One last time… TOBIAS FREAKIN’ MENZIES!!!!!!

^This was my face upon seeing Tobias in the trailer ^

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*Images and trailer courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Screen Gems

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