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Edge of Winter (2016) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 67

I’ll be honest, I only watched Edge of Winter because it stars the dreamy Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad, The Killing). Directed by Rob Connolly and costarring Tom Holland (the new Spider-Man), Shiloh Fernandez, and Rachelle Lefevre, the story centers on a father (Kinnaman) who takes his two sons (Holland and Percy Hynes White) on a father-son bonding trip after their mother and stepfather go on vacation. When they get stuck in the middle of nowhere during a freak snowstorm, though, the boys learn their father may not be as great of a man as they had hoped…

The acting is solid in the film, with Kinnaman giving his all. He cycles through so many different emotions, and they’re all believable. One moment he’s a fun-loving dad, the next he’s an angry, violent man that his sons are afraid of. Tom Holland is subdued and quiet as the oldest son, and Percy Hynes White is a boy who quickly loses his innocent view of the world because of his father’s actions.

The majority of the film is shot in one location, a cabin in the middle of the woods. Snow blankets every surface, and every shot feels claustrophobic (as it should). You feel like you’re trapped with the family as you watch their tale unfold.

The story and pacing are what weaken this film, though. There’s not much of a story, to be truthful, and the pace is extremely slow. If you don’t like slow-burning thrillers, and like for your cinematic experience to have a deep, thoughtful narrative, then Edge of Winter isn’t for you.

The acting is great, and the cinematography is claustrophobic, clean, and gorgeous. The story is thin and the pace is slow, but Edge of Winter is worth a watch if you’re a Joel Kinnaman/ Tom Holland fan and/or are looking for a slow-burning psychological thriller to spend an afternoon with.

Verdict: 3/5

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