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Stranger Things Season 2, Bill Nye Gets His Own Talk Show, Luke Cage, and My Personal Netflix Recommendations – September News


The incredible, fantastic Netflix original series Stranger Things is getting a second season! HALLELUJAH!! The Duffer Brothers have confirmed it will air sometime in 2017 and will be a continuing story, NOT an anthology like some hoped. Most of the characters are expected to return (Eleven better show up or I’ll riot!), and we’ll revisit the Upside Down *shudder*. The Brothers Duffer have also stated that there will be four brand-spanking new characters joining the cast, and I’m super excited to see who these characters are and what their motivations are. The second season will also be nine episodes long, instead of the first season’s eight. Come on 2017!! Mama needs her spooky, Amblin-esque feels.

In other Netflix news, everyone’s favorite scientist Bill Nye is getting his own talk show exclusively on Netflix! Anyone else remember those glorious days in science class where the teacher would wheel in the big CRT TV and VCR and everyone would lose their shit because YOU KNEW IT MEANT BILL NYE WAS GOING TO BE PUMPED INTO YOUR BRAIN?! Well, now we can watch the fantastic man who saved us from boredom talk about how science has impacted pop culture and society in general. Expect Bill Nye Saves the World to air in spring 2017.

bill nye netflix talk show

Looking for awesome movies and TV shows to stream in the upcoming month? Well, here are my recommendations that are guaranteed to blow your socks off*

-If you somehow haven’t seen the masterpiece that is Jaws, now’s your chance! All four of the films (the first is the best) will be available to stream on September 1.

Supergirl Season 1 sails onto the service September 10, which gives you a full month to catch up on the delightful (and highly underrated) series before Season 2 debuts on The CW.

– If you somehow missed the sixth season of the most popular show on TV, The Walking Dead,now you can see it in its entirety on September 15. You’ll have plenty of time to become enraptured by this amazing entry into the series (and also infuriated at that cliffhanger…).

– After requesting that Netflix please add Season 3 of Penny Dreadful and Season 4 of Luther to their streaming service, they kindly fulfilled my wish and both of these seasons bow on September 17. (THANK YOU NETFLIX GODS!!)

– The super adorable, extremely well-done latest Disney animated film Zootopia bounces onto Netflix September 20, and I highly recommend it. With subtle cultural nods and the message to never give up on your dreams, this is the perfect film for families (or lonely single people obsessed with Disney).

-The superb Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game arrives September 28, and I highly recommend you watch it. Benedict Cumberbatch is a revelation as Turing, and Keira Knightley is compelling as Joan Clarke. You’ll leave this film inspired, choked up, and angry.

Lastly, Luke Cage debuts this month! After making all of us fall in love with him on Jessica Jones, his solo outing will finally be available to binge on September 30. The super-strong man with impenetrable skin must protect Harlem, and from the trailers that have been shown, he is one BAMF who is kicking major ass. Plus, Claire Temple makes an appearance in this series as well. Who doesn’t love her?!

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*I’m not responsible for exploding socks

** Images and trailers courtesy of Netflix

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