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The First Gameplay Trailer for Vampyr is Here!

My excitement for this game just shot through the roof! I’m a HUGE fan of Dontnod Entertainment (they created the criminally underrated Remember Me and the AMAZING Life is Strange), plus vampires are my jimmy jam. So the news of a 15 minute gameplay demo of their upcoming game Vampyr made my heart skip a beat.

In Vampyr, you play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, who has just joined the undead community and must come to terms with his new nature. You must decide who to feed on (you’re a vampire, and you gotta eat). Are you going to chow down on a criminal who deserves what’s coming to him, but has poor blood? Or are you going to choose the sweet old lady feeding pigeons in the park who’s blood is basically the nectar of the gods (YOU SICK BASTARD)?

Like Dontnod’s previous game Life is Strange, your choices matter and will shape the narrative and your overall gameplay experience. The butterfly effect will be utilized in this game, and you can actually cause too much chaos and have entire districts turn against you.

The pre-alpha footage looks incredible and I’m already dying to get my little hands on the game and shape my Doctor into the vampire I want him to be and to scour every inch of the environment for clues and collectibles. The audio in the demo alone is incredible, and being able to hear the heartbeats of those around you is intense. I’m also digging the appropriately dark visual tone of Vampyr.

Vampyr releases sometime in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

For more bloody morsels, visit the game’s official site and follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.

*Images and trailer courtesy of Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive

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