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The Church in the Darkness is an Intriguing New Action-Infiltration Game

The Church in the Darkness centers around Isaac and Rebecca Walker (voiced by John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain), who have been persecuted because of their beliefs. They have lead their “family”, including your nephew, into the jungle and have formed their own commune, Freedom Town. You play as Vic, a former police officer who infiltrates the compound.

Every playthrough promises to be different, with unique character personalities, new objectives, and a narrative that unfolds according to your actions and observations. You can play as a super-stealthy secret agent type of guy, avoiding detection and using non-lethal combat… Or you can go all ED-209 (like I will, probably) and cause a ruckus and leave the town splattered red (I don’t advise this approach, unless you suck at stealth).

The Church in the Darkness will make its playable debut at PAX West at booth #7009 and the Indie MEGABOOTH Friday and Saturday. Make sure to stop by and check it out if you’re there!

The game will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac in 2017.

For more info and updates, make sure to follow the game’s Twitter and Facebook pages and visit the official website.

*Images and trailer courtesy of Paranoid Productions

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