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RoboCop (1987) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 56

HOLY CRAP, I’VE BEEN DEPRIVED! I absolutely adored RoboCop. I think I’m officially a Paul Verhoeven fan girl now.

The story takes place in  a futuristic Detroit, and a brand spanking new robot crime fighter named ED-209 has been created by the police force. Yay for technology! After shit hits the fan, though, they have to rethink their strategy. Conveniently, one of their own officers, Murphy (Peter Weller) is gunned down and basically blown to smithereens by a gang. The police force saves him, and they get the brilliant idea to turn him into one “badass motherfucker”. Hence, the titular RoboCop is created.

The effects still hold up relatively well today. Yeah, some are cheesy, but for the time period, these were cutting-edge visuals. I loved the unique cinematography, and the action scenes are basically porn for fans of explosions and shoot outs.

The acting is decent. Nobody really stands out, but that’s ok. The story, action, and visuals make up for it.

Overall, RoboCop is a fun, bloody (literally) good time and is rightly hailed as a sci-fi classic.

Verdict: 4/5

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