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Blood Is Blood: An Intriguing New Foray Into Horror

The first film to be released under ThrillGoreTV, and the directorial debut of Stuart Sauvarin, Blood is Blood focuses on four siblings (Crew, Daniel, Brie, and Jess), who always put each other first. When Crew brings his girlfriend Sara home, though, his siblings start to become devoured by the little green monster called jealousy. Brie, in particular, is distrustful of Sara, and harbors resentment towards her. Brie is swiftly taken care of though, because she’s placed into a mental hospital after Crew tries to FREAKING MURDER HER (holy shit, that would traumatize anyone). Brie starts having visions while she’s institutionalized, and as they grow more sinister, she has to decipher if they’re real or just a figment of her imagination.

Check out the red band trailer!

  Blood is Blood is intriguing because it incorporates Japanese origami mythology into its already dark story of family, murder, and mental illness. I’m excited to see how everything unfolds, and to see how the origami plays a role in the overall story. If successful, this could actually become a scary, twisted franchise. I’m crossing my fingers for a suspenseful, fun, thrill ride of a horror film.

Blood is Blood will be available on Digital HD and VOD on September 1.

Follow the film’s official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages and the official website for all the details and updates you’ll need to know.

*Image and trailer courtesy of Multicom Entertainment Group and ThrillGoreTV

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