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Warm Bodies Sequel Novel Gets a Release Date, Plus Cover Reveal

If, like me, you were a fan of Isaac Marion’s unique spin on the zombie genre, Warm Bodies, (or you were a fan of the wonderful film adaptation), then good news! The sequel to his breakout novel, The Burning World, will be released February 7, 2017 (just in time for V-Day!).

The story follows R and Julie as they try to build a life together, while R also has to adjust to being a human. Oh, and that plague? It’s returned in full force. Shit…

If you would like to read an excerpt from the novel, you can do so right here.

Also, if you pre-order the book, you can get some pretty freakin’ sweet gifts. You’ll get a digital copy of The Exed World Almanac, a zine that is drawn by a character from the upcoming novel. If you persuade your friends to also pre-order the book, you can get even MORE rewards, such as a personal thank-you letter from R, an extremely rare early edition of Warm Bodies, or even Isaac’s hand in marriage (YOU PROMISED, ISAAC!).

Stay up to date with the book’s progress, follow Isaac Marion on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,and Facebook and visit his official site.



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