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The Lost Boys Becoming A TV Series on The CW

Put your stakes away, people! Yes, the classic vampire film is going to become an anthology series on the increasingly edgy, daring network. It’s going to be helmed by Rob Thomas (no, not the Matchbox Twenty lead singer; the brilliant mastermind who brought us Veronica Mars and iZombie), and is projected to run seven seasons (if successful).

Each season is set to take place in a different decade, with the first occurring in the ’60s. The only component that will not change each season are the vampires, so don’t become too attached to the setting, supporting characters, etc.

I have full and complete faith that Rob Thomas and The CW will respect the iconic film while also bringing fresh blood to the franchise. They’ve faithfully adapted DC comics (btw, DC is also developing a brand-new comic series for The Lost Boys) for the small screen, so let’s give The Lost Boys TV series a fair shot.


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