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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is So Pretty I Wanna Cry!

My raging RPG addiction has just come back in full force after watching the gorgeous trailer for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom.

Shiness follows a young boy named Chado, who has just left home to search for the “Land of Life”.  Shortly afterwards, he meets a spirit named Terra (handily, he’s the only person who can see her) who tasks him with finding the secrets of Shi, which is the magic that governs the world. No pressure, then… To top things off, a full-blown war between two kingdoms breaks out and leaves the world in the middle of a very big power struggle.

Your choices matter in Shiness, and will determine who wins the war and the ultimate destiny of the whole freaking planet. Seriously, Chado, no pressure…

 Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

For more info and updates on the game’s progress, follow the official Twitter and Facebook pages and visit the game’s website.

*Images and trailer courtesy of Focus Home Interactive and Enigami

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