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Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Trailer Drops!

I’ve been seriously craving some Phoenix Wright action in my life, and this morning, the Nintendo gods have answered my prayers. The new Character Abilities trailer dropped and it looks SWEET. Of course, the titular attorney Phoenix Wright is back, and you’ll have to use all of your brain cells (and Wright’s handy-dandy Magatama) to prove your clients innocent. Returning to this game are Apollo Justice (with his magical, albeit super stylish, bracelet that reveals nervous tics),  Athena Cykes ( her Mood Matrix returns, which allows you to decipher the true emotions of whoever is on the stand), and the forensic scientist Ema Skye (the super-fun fingerprinting technique is back!). There’s even a brand new character named  Rayfa Padma Khura’in, who can conduct seances to reveal the victim’s final memories (COOL!!).

I can’t wait to get my hands on this latest installment of the fun, humorous, unique franchise. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -Spirit of Justice arrives on the Nintendo eShop September 8th, 2016. Now let’s say it all together… OBJECTION!!! (Not really, it’s just super fun to scream that at the top of your lungs).

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*Image and video courtesy of Nintendo and Capcom

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