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MooshWalks Are What Your Legs Have Been Begging For!

Some of you may or may not know that I have a teensy-tiny obsession with knee socks. So imagine how excited and happy I was when I found out one of my favorite YouTube personalities, Olga Kay, was designing her own line! Not only that, but they would have EARS! I was so excited that as soon as she launched her site, I immediately pre-ordered a pair (I ended up being her first sale, which was super cool).

Each pair of socks has a name and personality, and you can purchase them with ears ($16.50) or without ($14.50). Trust me, these socks are super comfortable and extremely high quality, and you are guaranteed to garner attention wearing them.

Here are every pair of the socks, along with their names:

         Lily                       Fred                    Spanky                 Roxy                   Lola

LILY - MooshWalks     FRED - MooshWalks  SPANKY - MooshWalks  ROXY - MooshWalks  LOLA - MooshWalks


CARLA (Generation 1) - MooshWalks

She also has unisex ankle socks and baby socks available, which are equally adorbs!

Over the past year, MooshWalks have become incredibly popular and I’m so proud of Olga for her hard work, dedication, and passion. I own pretty much every pair (I still need to get my mitts on Carla), and couldn’t be happier with them. Congratulations on your success, Olga!

If you’d like to purchase your own pair, you can visit the official MooshWalks site (PSSTTT… If you enter the coupon code ALYSSA you can get 20 % off your entire order) or order them off of Amazon.

Make sure to follow the official MooshWalks Twitter , Facebook,and Instagram pages for any updates or special deals!

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