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Sharknado 4 : The 4th Awakens (2016) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 34

Let’s just get this out of the way: The Sharknado films are trash. However, they’re so cheesy and schlocky that they’re fun. The fourth entry doesn’t disappoint in that regard. In my opinion though, this is the weakest film in the series.

First off, there’s way too much going on. Lavanadoes, nuclearnadoes, even cownadoes occur alongside the titular ‘Nado. It makes the already weak story even more pointless.

The acting is hit-or-miss, as usual. Ian Ziering is fun as always, and Cody Linley (my preteen crush) handles the role of the eldest son well. Tara Reid was ok (not her best, but not her worst), The Hoff is hilarious, and Gary Busey is probably the most entertaining character in the film. On another note… Did Gil, the youngest Shepherd kid, annoy the shit out of anyone else with his constant shrieking, or was that just me?

Let’s move on to some positives now. Sharknado 4 is still packed to the gills with humorous moments, such as a Chippendales dancer pelvic thrusting a shark away. I was constantly laughing during the movie, and the kills were epic as always. I loved seeing celebrities bite the bullet in hilarious ways, and seeing Finn kick ass is always a good time.

There are also homages to other films sprinkled throughout Sharknado 4. I registered nods to Star Wars, Star Trek, The Evil Dead, and Texas Chain Saw Massacre, among other pleasant Easter eggs.

Overall, this is a terrible film that is extremely fun to watch. The acting is hammy, the effects are horrendously great, and the story is extremely weak. Even though this is my least favorite Sharknado film, it’s still a worthy time killer.

Verdict: 3/5 (for fun)

Actual, serious film score: 2/5


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