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Tallulah (2016) Film Review | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 32

Netflix’s latest original film is directed by Sian Der and stars Ellen Page and Allison Janney (with wonderful cameos from Zachary Quinto and Uzo Aduba), and is a delightful little gem. The film is centered on Tallulah (Page), a young homeless woman who kidnaps a baby. Needing help, she finds her ex-boyfriend’s mother (Janney) and convinces the woman that the baby is her grandchild. They soon discover how much they truly need each other.

 Tallulah explores the bonds of family and how love can affect us, both positively and negatively. Overall, I thought this was a well-done film. The acting was solid, the story was entertaining yet emotional, and the cinematography was good.

The only complaint I really have is that there isn’t a sense of resolution. Loose threads are left dangling that I wish the film had fleshed out. Also, the story is predictable, which may turn off some viewers.

If you’re looking for a humorous, emotional movie to watch, give Tallulah a chance.

Verdict: 3.5/5

Tallulah is streaming exclusively on Netflix


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