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Westworld To Premiere October 2nd!

I’ve been pretty excited about HBO’s reboot of the classic Westworld film into a televison series (come on, you have to admit it was a badass movie that was way ahead of its time). The trailers that have been released so far have been dark, gritty, sexy, and edgy, and seem to follow the original film’s story line.

Westworld is set in a futuristic society where wealthy citizens can travel to theme parks (Westworld is one of these parks) and live out their deepest, darkest desires and fantasies. Everything is supposed to be safe and fun… until the robotic AI takes over.

With a superb cast that includes Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ben Barnes, and James Marsden, plus HBO’s spectacular production values (and uncensored content), this could be their next big hit. It’s sexy, dark, and edgy, and I can’t wait until October 2.

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