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American Horror Story Season 6 Promo Teasers Are Horrific Perfection

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the sixth season of FX’s horror anthology series (pretty much every season has been terrifyingly amazing so far). So when I found out that FX had finally given us some morsels to tide us over, I was all over them.

Recently released on Snapchat, these promos are seriously creepy! Let’s check ’em out…

Ok, this one just gives me the heebie-jeebies. A freaking millipede crawling on someone’s face? *SHUDDER*

STAIRWAY TO HELL. You couldn’t pay me to run down this stairwell (unless Sam Heughan was at the bottom, then I would risk it).

Oh, look. It’s a beautiful afternoon! Aww, there’s a family taking a stroll hand in hand. So sweet! OH MY GOD, WHY ARE THEY SHADOWS WITH GLOWING EYES?!

This makes my ovaries hurt. First off, that mobile is the worst decoration for a nursery ever. Secondly, WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT CRIB?!

Oh look, it’s the house from Courage the Cowardly Dog!! Man, my nostalgia senses are tingling off the charts. Wait, is that a chainsaw running? Leatherface, you stay away!


I’m left with more questions than ever! Where is this taking place? An orphanage? Another haunted house? Is this connected to season 1? I NEED ANSWERS! Alas, we must wait until September 14 to get any form of resolution.

I’m just gonna go wait in the corner until then. Is anyone else itchy now?

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