Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 Scares Up More Details At SDCC 2016

The third season of the superb Telltale’s The Walking Dead is looking mighty fantastic, and the developers just revealed some tantalizing teasers during their panel at SDCC. What have we just learned?

  • You’ll be playing as not only Clementine, who we’ve known since the first season, but also as a character called Javier (who will either be a blank slate if you’re a new player or will be formed by your previous choices if you’re a returning Walker slayer).
  • If you’ve played the game since the first season, then your unique, customized story will continue (as long as you’re playing on the same console). If you’re new to the series though, or have swapped consoles, this season introduces us to AJ, the son of Rebecca from the previous season (remember the baby Clem saved? That’s him).


I’m majorly hyped for the third season, and I can’t wait to get my paws on the game this fall.

Check out the trailer!:

Telltale also revealed this beautiful new poster at SDCC, and I would personally love to get my hands on a framed copy (SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!)


The Walking Dead third season poster

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*Images provided by Telltale Games

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