Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle Added to Injustice 2 Roster!

NetherRealm Studios , creators of the Mortal Kombat and Injustice franchises, just revealed two brand new characters to an already awesome roster for their sequel: Wonder Woman(EEEEPPPP!!)… and Blue Beetle (yay?). All kidding aside, though, both characters look extremely badass.

I CANNOT wait to get my hands on Wonder Woman. She looks beautiful, and her moves are fluid and lethal. You can also choose between different costumes for her, so if you would rather play as Lynda Carter-era Wonder Woman instead of the Gal Gadot version, you’re free to fulfill your fantasies.

Blue Beetle also looks cool. I’m not personally knowledgeable about this character, but from what was shown of him in the trailer, I’m excited to learn more about him and his backstory. He looks wicked and has some sick attacks that utilize his pincers and stinger.

Check out Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle in the announcement trailer!:

 Injustice 2 will release sometime in 2017. Make sure to follow the game’s progress on Twitter ,Facebook and the official website!

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