The Wonder Woman Trailer Kicks Serious Ass!

The trailer for Wonder Woman’s solo film just dropped at SDCC 2016, and IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE! We see glimpses of Themyscira, the place that Diana Prince originates from. It looks beautiful, bright, and peaceful. We also see Diana’s first interaction with Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), after he washes ashore on her home soil. She has never seen a man before, but she has an immediate rapport with Steve. Soon, we see a battle take place on Themyscira and see flashes of Diana in armor on a battlefield. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the Lasso of Truth in action, which looks incredibly badass. There’s even a moment of humor placed in the trailer, striking the perfect balance between dark and light.

Gal Gadot is a pitch perfect Wonder Woman, bringing beauty, grace, and strength to the role. She’s tough yet caring, and you can see the love she has for her home and for Steve.

Just from this trailer alone, my excitement level for Wonder Woman has reached a fever pitch. I can’t wait to see how Patty Jenkins (the director of the criticially acclaimed Monster) tells the origin story of the iconic, beautiful, and strong Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman releases Summer 2017, and I can’t wait.

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If you haven’t seen the trailer already, FIX THAT NOW! :

*Images provided by Warner Bros.

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