The Imposter (2012) | 100 Day Film Challenge – Day 17

 The Imposter is a fascinating documentary directed by Bart Layton. After a 13 year old boy has been missing for three years, his family receives a call informing them that he has been found alive in Linares, Spain. When they are finally reunited, they don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. He looks different, but who wouldn’t after three years? Everyone else believes that this is an imposter, and they were correct. A 23 year old man named Frederic impersonated Nicholas and duped the family into giving him shelter. But was the family hiding a sinister secret?

This story is so bizarre and intriguing. How could someone not know that this man wasn’t their own child? How was he able to pull it off? I thought that this was a very well-done documentary, portraying both sides of the story.

If you like documentaries about crime and family, definitely give The Imposter a watch.

The Imposter is available to stream on US Netflix


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