100 Day Film Challenge – Day 12 | The Machinist (2004)

 The Machinist is centered on the story of a man named Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale), who hasn’t slept for a year. Seriously, A YEAR. He’s skin and bones, and he finds random Post-It notes in his house and sees a man at work that may or may not exist. Is he losing his mind? Or is something sinister happening?

Christian Bale gave an amazing performance, and Brad Anderson’s directing style lends the film a dull, hazy quality one might expect from having no sleep. I was intrigued from the very first scene, and couldn’t tear my eyes away.

This movie may be too obtuse for some, but if you enjoy cerebral thrillers, give The Machinist a watch.

Verdict: 4/5

The Machinist is available to stream on US Netflix


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