100 Day Film Challenge – Day 6 | The Attack (2012)

The Attack is directed by Zia Doueiri and stars Ali Suliman. The story is centered on a surgeon named Amin (Suliman) who has just received the equivalent of a medical Oscar. Right after, though, a suicide bomber blows up a cafe, killing 17 people. It turns out that the bomber was his own wife. Amin has to come to grips with his wife’s secret life and deal with the fallout of her actions.

The film starts off powerfully but ends with a whimper. The acting was great and the cinematography good. The subtitles could have been translated better though. There were frequent grammatical errors.

If you’re interested in seeing a film with a powerful message, check The Attack out. If you don’t care for foreign language films though, or you are easily bored, you might want to skip this film.

Verdict: 3.5/5

The Attack is available to stream on US Netflix



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