100 Day Film Challenge – Day 5 | 4th Man Out (2015)

This movie was crap. Not even going to mince words here. It seems like it was written by a homophobic horndog.

4th Man Out is directed by Andrew Nackman and stars Evan Todd, Parker Young, and Chord Overstreet. The story revolves around a guy named Adam (Todd) who comes out to his best friends, and they decide to help him find Mr. Right… after making a bunch of horrible jokes about his sexuality.

I can’t even find anything complimentary to say about this film. The cinematography was decent at best, but oftentimes the camera was shaking… and this isn’t a found footage film. The acting is terrible, and the jokes are horrendous.


Verdict: 1/5

If you want to check this film out (don’t) it’s streaming on US Netflix


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