The Shallows Review

The Shallows is the latest film by Jaume Collet-Sera (Unknown, Non-Stop) and stars Blake Lively as Nancy Adams. Nancy has traveled to Mexico to honor the memory of her late mother, and decides to go surfing. She quickly discovers that she’s not alone out there… THERE’S A MOTHERFUCKING SHARK!

This film is pure fun. Sure, the story is pretty threadbare and predictable, but does it really matter when you’re watching a beautiful woman try to survive against a bloodthirsty shark?

Blake Lively gives a solid performance as Nancy, and I was rooting for her to survive. I gasped when she was injured, and cheered when she managed to outsmart the creature.

This is a gorgeous movie. Aside from a few iffy CG effects, The Shallows is a pleasure to look at.

Overall, The Shallows is the perfect summer popcorn flick. It won’t win any awards for it’s storytelling, but this is a fantastic movie to watch while you have nothing to do or need to take your mind off of things.



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