Bo Burnham: Make Happy Review

Make Happy was the first stand up special of Bo’s that I watched, and holy crap, was it amazing. During the sixty minute special, Bo addresses sexuality, racial equality, and women’s rights. What makes Make Happy unique is the fact that Bo performs song and dance routines during his acts. Bo’s sense of humor is smart and razor sharp, aka Alyssa’s perfect comedic match.

If you’re easily offended, this is definitely NOT a stand up special for you. The whole special is basically made up of jokes that leave you thinking “Holy shit, I can’t believe he went there!” while you’re laughing your ass off. If you can appreciate the humor for what it is and have a good time with it, you’re in for a treat. I hate 99% of the comedic material out today, but Bo Burnham’s special connected with me in a surprising, yet pleasant way. Watch Make Happy ASAP.

Verdict: A+

Make Happy is now available to stream on Netflix .


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