Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

I just finished Uncharted 4, AND HOLY SHIT IT WAS AMAZING. I expected great things from Naughty Dog’s last installment ( insert sad face here), but this blew my expectations out of the water. Uncharted 4 easily takes the crown for my favorite PlayStation 4 game.

First off, the story was incredible and and a perfect way to end the series. Nathan Drake (swoon) just wants to live a normal life with his gorgeous wife Elena, but his brother Sam re-enters his life and takes him on one last adventure.

Next, let’s talk about the graphics. Guys, this game is so beautiful that I want to marry it. There are so many moments in the game where I just stopped and looked at all of the gorgeous scenery. You could seriously use every frame of this game as a piece of artwork for your nerd cave. You can practically feel the cool water flow over your skin as you swim through the wreckage of a pirate ship at the bottom of the ocean,smell the flowers growing along the sun-bleached cliff faces… I think I just had a nerdgasm. I occasionally noticed some texture pop-in, but it was minor and didn’t detract from my experience.

The voice acting is superb, as always. Nolan North (Nathan Drake) and Troy Baker (Sam Drake) have an amazing rapport, and their playful bickering and reminiscing made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Emily Rose makes Elena seem like a woman that you want to be best friends with, bringing a sense of fun and warmth to the guy’s masculine energy. Richard McGonagle returns as Sully, that wise, smart-ass father figure that we all know and love. Warren Kole (Rafe) and Laura Bailey (Nadine) round out the talented cast.

Let’s talk about the game play now. I absolutely adore how climbing has been improved in this installment. It feels fluid and natural to clamber along the edge of a cliff, with Drake reaching to nearby rocks and overhangs and smoothly continuing his journey. I also really loved how simple and fun it was to drive. I can’t drive in video games to save my life, but I actually looked forward to those segments in Uncharted 4. The only part that felt weak was, of course, the gunplay. This has never been a strong point for the franchise, and it’s definitely not as smooth as the other aspects of the game. It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it could have been punchier.

Verdict: 10/10

Overall, I freaking loved this game and I’m incredibly sad that this is Naughty Dog’s last foray into the exciting, crazy world of Drake. Uncharted 4 has everything to make it an absolute knock out: gorgeous visuals, fluid game play, outstanding voice acting, and a gripping story. If you have a PS4 and don’t already own this game, GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW!

Here’s the trailer to make your heart go pitter-patter:


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